Use Floating Shelves To Showcase Your Pottery Collection

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Do you want an attractive way to display your pottery collection, but don't want hinges, brackets, or clunky pieces of hardware compromising the beauty of the shelving materials and homemade pots and bowls? A floating shelf is a support that is attached to a wall via a recessed bracket design. The bracket is completely concealed, giving the illusion of a wooden beam being magically suspended from the wall's surface.

Choose The Shelving Material And The Layout

Purchase prefabricated floating shelves or pieces of wood that you would like to utilize to create a custom shelving display. A prefabricated wood piece will already have holes drilled through one edge. These holes are designated for a floating shelf bracket. If you purchase a set of shelves, it may include the brackets. A floating shelf bracket consist of a long, narrow piece of metal and several metal appendages.

If you are going to construct a custom display, each piece of wood needs to be longer in length than each bracket. Purchase multiple pieces of wood and an equal number of brackets, if you have a large collection of pottery and would like to showcase various pieces across separate parts of the wall. Stain and varnish unfinished wood to provide each shelf with a glossy, smooth surface.

Prep The Wood And Secure The Brackets

If you have constructed custom shelves, use a power drill to create holes in the back edge of each wood piece. The holes will need to be aligned with the metal appendages that are part the floating shelf brackets. Use a stud finder to locate the studs in the wall that you will be securing the floating shelves to. After lining up the first bracket, use a power drill to drive screws through the end of each bracket.

Line up the shelf, directly in front of the metal appendages Insert the tip of each appendage into one of the holes that are located on the back edge of the shelf. Press firmly against the front edge of the shelf, so that the wood is shifted toward the wall. The end result should consist of the shelf being flush with the wall and the shelf bracket should be completely hidden. Secure the remaining pieces of wood to the wall. Set each piece of pottery across one of the wooden surfaces. Spread the pottery pieces out and color coordinate each section of the display.


13 December 2019

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