The Trouble With Bed Bugs: How To Remove These Unwanted Pests From The Home

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Finding a bed bug in the home is extremely frustrating. Once you find one bug, there is a very good chance that you have several more living in your home. One of the worst things about these particular pests is that they can spread so quickly. Aside from spreading fast, they are known to feed on the blood of humans as well as other animals, so they could be feasting on blood from your pets, too.

A bed bug infestation can be extremely traumatic. Some people have a difficult time sleeping because they are constantly worried that the bugs are crawling on their skin. If this sounds similar to the situation you are going though at the moment, there are some important things you should start to do to work on removing the bed bugs from your home.

Check For Infestation Spots

There is a common belief that bed bugs would only be found in beds, but that is not true at all. In fact, they will usually hide out just about anywhere that is comfortable to them, whether that is your bed, couch, carpet or even a crevice in the wall. It is important to look for signs of infestations in different areas. Some of the common things to look out for include small black dots, drops of blood or even exoskeletons. The small black dots are bed bug feces. The drops of blood may be noticeable on sheets and couches where you have rested and were fed on by one of these pests. And, these bugs shed exoskeletons while growing and going through different phases. After checking for these different signs, you may be able to identify some of the different problem areas.

Try to Identify the Source

Identifying the source of the bed bugs is important because you do not want to continue having this problem. Have you recently traveled? If you slept at a hotel, you may have unknowingly brought these bugs home with you from the hotel room. Has someone recently slept over the home? There is a possibility that the person has bed bugs and did not know, so they may have unknowingly brought them over to your home. If you have not traveled or had anyone over, you may have brought them home from work or your neighbors could have them. Explore all of these options to avoid dealing with another infestation after you handle the original infestation.

Hire Help to Remove the Bed Bugs

After identifying the infestation, one of the best things to do is hire help from a pest control company. Attempting to eradicate the bed bugs from your home will be tough without help from experienced professionals who help to remove these unwanted pests from homes on a regular basis. They understand that it can happen to anyone and they should be able to offer a number of different options to you.

There are different ways to remove bed bugs. The pest control specialists may use heating machines to heat the entire home up to an extremely hot temperature so that these pests die off completely. If you were to choose this option, you would not be able to remain in the home during the heating process, and the specialists would likely suggest for you to remove any electronic appliances to keep them from melting. Aside from the heat treatment, the specialists may use several other tactics, including insecticides and special dusts that can dry the exoskeletons out so that the bugs quickly become dehydrated and die shortly after.

Bed bugs are hard to deal with. Once you have an infestation, it can be tough to remove them from the home. It is important to enlist help from the experts who can help you take care of the problem. If you are not sure which option to choose, make sure to speak with one of the professionals about the options they can provide to you.


26 May 2017

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