3 Simple Solutions To Repel Mice Away From Your Home

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Protecting your home and family from different pests can be an overwhelming, yet important, task. Spraying of spreading pest control products is effective for reducing insects in and around your house,  but controlling rodents will require a bit more effort. Considering they can cause structural damage to your home while spreading disease that can harm your family, preventing mice from your house is essential. Traps and poison bait are effective for treating an existing infestation of mice, but finding ways to repel these rodents from your house is a smarter alternative.

22 June 2017

The Trouble With Bed Bugs: How To Remove These Unwanted Pests From The Home

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Finding a bed bug in the home is extremely frustrating. Once you find one bug, there is a very good chance that you have several more living in your home. One of the worst things about these particular pests is that they can spread so quickly. Aside from spreading fast, they are known to feed on the blood of humans as well as other animals, so they could be feasting on blood from your pets, too.

26 May 2017