Repair A Chipped And Scratched Windowpane

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If a small rock was thrown at one of the glass panes that was recently installed in your living room and a portion of the glass is chipped and scratched as a result, clean the pane and repair the damaged surface with epoxy adhesive by completing the steps below. 


  • ladder
  • glass cleaning agent
  • microfiber cloths
  • glass repair kit (epoxy adhesive, applicator, plunger, finishing film)
  • masking tape
  • flexible plastic putty knife
  • cerium oxide
  • buffing sponge

Clean The Glass And Fill The Chipped Section

Go outdoors and set a ladder up next to the damaged windowpane. While standing on the ladder, dampen a microfiber cloth with a glass cleaning agent and clean the glass pane. Dry the glass pane with another cloth. Open the glass repair kit and remove the piece that has suction cups secured to it. On the opposite end of the piece, there will be a circular opening. Line the circular opening directly over the chipped portion of the glass. Press the suction cups against the glass to secure them.

Insert the applicator tube through the circular opening and attach the applicator tube by turning it clockwise. Open the tube of epoxy adhesive. Squeeze a few drops of epoxy adhesive into the end of the applicator. Insert the plunger into the end of the applicator to push the epoxy through the applicator and fill the chip in the glass. Do not remove the plunger for several minutes. During this time, the epoxy will bond to the windowpane.

Apply Finishing Film And Remove Scratches From The Glass

Remove the suction cups from the windowpane's exterior. Apply the piece of finishing film that was enclosed with your glass repair kit over the adhesive-filled section of glass. Use a couple strips of masking tape to secure the film to the glass exterior. Move a flexible plastic putty knife across the film's surface to flatten the film and eliminate wrinkles. Wait for the epoxy adhesive to dry. To determine when this has occurred, go back inside and look at the windowpane. When the adhesive appears to be translucent, the film can be removed from the glass pane's exterior. 

Inspect the windowpane's exterior. If there are any faint scratches surrounding the portion of the glass that was repaired, pour a few drops of cerium oxide onto a buffing sponge. Press the sponge against each scratch and move the buffing tool in small circles. As the scratches are treated, they will fade. Pour a little more cerium oxide onto the sponge if it is needed and move the sponge over the affected glass until the scratches are no longer visible. Visit this site to learn more.


13 June 2017

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