Garden Inn: How To Make Your Home As Inviting As An Outdoor Garden

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Do you look forward to summers days and garden season? Do you wish it would last all year long? Decorating your home with a garden theme is the perfect way to enjoy your gardening hobby all year long. You can find a large variety of home décor items online that are garden-themed and affordable.

Create a birdhouse village

Who can resist the charm of a birdhouse village near a sunny window? Use a weathered bench or table for your display. Purchase whimsical birdhouses in a variety of shapes and sizes to use as your main village. Decorate the space around the houses with wire cages, nests, plastic bird eggs, and colorful bird replicas.

Plant some plants

No garden theme would be complete if it didn't have plenty of live plants. Not only do live plants bring the outdoors in, they will also satisfy your gardening urge during the winter season as you lovingly care for them. Choose flowering and non-flowering plants to create a diverse garden effect.

Indoor fruit trees are another option for creating plenty of garden inspiration. Look for lemon and other citrus fruit tree varieties that are suited for growing indoors in pots.

Shop for decorative pots in a variety of colors and designs to enhance your indoor living space. You can also purchase small garden stakes to tuck in among your plants and flowers.

Hang up some signs

When you search for home décor items online with a garden theme, you will likely find plenty of fun signs to hang throughout your home. Whether made of wood or metal, signs are the perfect way to convey your love of gardening. You can also use signs on a table top as part of a garden display with other items, such as watering cans, miniature wheelbarrows, garden boots, etc.

Bring outdoor items in

A section of a picket fence placed along a wall will create an authentic garden look. Full-size garden tools can be hung on the wall above the fence as decorations. Garden rakes, shovels, trowels, and trimming shears work well.

Make your own centerpiece for a table by filling a garden basket with gardening gloves, small garden tools, and packets of seeds. A pair of garden boots can double as a plantar for silk or live flowers. Dress up a boring corner by placing the boots on a small wooden gardening stool.

Old bikes make great decorations in a garden-themed home. Brighten up a sun room with a bike that has a basket on the front. Fill the basket with flowers and other foliage. This looks exceptionally great with a cottage-garden theme.

Home decorating with a garden theme is fun and easy. Shop for garden-style items online to combine with garden tools and accessories. It's the perfect combination for creating a garden-inspired home you will love all year long.


16 June 2017

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