3 Tips For Cleaning And Maintaining The Appearance Of Your Patio Louvers

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If you love the appearance of your patio louvers, but find cleaning them to be quite challenging, you are not alone. Whether they are made of wood, glass, or a metal, their external use makes them prone to acquiring dirt and grime, while winds also can seemingly "set" that debris. Therefore, if you don't have your owners manual or if its assistance with cleaning has not been helpful, the tips below will be more so. 

Gently Dust Each Slat To Determine What Is Underneath

While dusting seems obvious, in this instance, it will provide you with important information. You can use one of the extended feather dusting products they sell in stores or a long-handled ruler covered in an old, white sock for this first step. If you don't have access to something long, you might need to find a step-stool, a sturdy chair, or someone tall to access the furthermost corners.   

Simply dust each slat, being careful to not press too hard. As the accumulation of dry debris is removed from the louvers, check the corners of each unit to see what remains. Dirt is easier to remove, caked on mud is more challenging and you might need some patience and a bit of elbow grease to finish the job. 

Remove Each Set Separately In Order To Clean Them

Your louvers should detach easily and be submerged in water for a good soaking. If so, assuming you can do safely or that you have help, take them down one at a time and leave them in clean water with a few squirts of dish soap. If you have a kid's plastic pool and a hose, this is a great time to use it, otherwise, your bathtub is a good choice.    

You can then remove the dirt or caked on mud with a thick, soft sponge. If your patio louvers are made of a more delicate material like aluminum, be very careful to not damage them. In addition, although glass louvers are quite sturdy, be cautious to avoid scratching them. When they are clean, remove and dry them or hang them in their former position and allow the sun to do its work. Before hanging them, make sure that each slat is in its preferred position.    

Make It Easier On Yourself Next Time

Once you have spent some time removing mud, dirt and other unsavory substances from your patio louvers, you probably have no desire to do it again anytime soon. Therefore, it's a good idea to remember to close the slats when you expect inclement weather in the future.

In addition, assuming that you owner's manual doesn't forbid it, you can use a hose on a low spray level to remove much of the debris after a storm, before it hardens and requires more of your time to remove.     

In conclusion, patio louvers are a popular way of providing both relief from the sun and privacy while enjoying the outdoors. Since cleaning them isn't always easy, it's best to be aware of the information shared above. For more information, contact companies like Apollo Opening Roof.


28 August 2017

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