Downsizing And Moving To A Park Model Home

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When you approach retirement age you might start to consider whether you still need a large home or if there is a better option for you. You might want to travel to places you have never seen or settle into a new area that will allow you to relax and enjoy your retirement. There are options but you may need to consider downsizing and getting rid of some of the things you don't really use anymore. Here are some things to consider.

Making A Plan

When you first start to consider the idea of downsizing and moving into a smaller home, the task can be overwhelming. Sorting through years of collected things and determining what is important to keep is hard. Make a plan and start early. Determine what you will keep and what you will give away or pass along to kids or family members. If you have an organized plan as to how you will go about it, the job will be much easier and giving things to others will feel a lot less like you are throwing away memories.

Location or Destination

One thing that you need to consider is if you will move to a smaller place or if you want to travel a lot. If you want to travel, you might want to consider an option that will allow you to see the country and take your home with you. Park model homes are small and designed to be towed to and set up in RV parks. They are less like RV's inside and more like a small home. The great thing is, you can wander to new areas and set up your home when you get there. Every day you come home to the same place no matter where you are at in the country.

Permanent Relocation With Park Model Homes

Park Models homes are smaller than most, some are as small as a few hundred square feet. All the downsizing you did will help you adapt to a home this size without tripping over things all day long. Most of these homes are best suited for one or two people because of the limited space inside. If you find an area that you like and want to stay there long term, you can take a park model home and set it on a more permanent spot like a semi-permanent foundation or concrete pad. The utilities will still come from the park and if in a few years you decide you want to go elsewhere the home is still transportable. The tires can be put back on the axles, the blocks supporting the home removed, and off you go to the next spot that you want to call home for a while.

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22 September 2017

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