Dressing Your Windows Without Affecting Your Allergies

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When you suffer from allergies, a lot of thought goes into decorating your home. The materials that you bring in will affect how comfortable you are when you're at home. Here, you'll find a few options for window treatments that will not have such a big impact on your allergies throughout the year.

Skip the Drapes

Firstly, drapes are not an option for you. Unless you are very dedicated to dusting the drapes that you've hung in every room of your house, those drapes will catch and trap all sorts of dust particles and contaminants that will make you feel awful. Every single time someone walks by in a hurry or the wind blows, the particles will become airborne, and your allergies will be triggered.

If you have your heart set on drapes, know that you'll have to vacuum them very often, and take them down to wash, press, and rehang them at least every other week.

Vertical Blinds

You can find vertical blinds made of PVC and covered in cloth. To reduce the allergens in your home, choose the vertical blinds made of PVC. These blinds are easy to wipe clean and don't catch as much dust as the horizontal blinds would.

Roller Shades

Roller shades have come a long way compared to what they were in the 70s and 80s. Today's roller shades come in various designs and decorative styles. You can find them with scalloped bottoms and even embroidered details. The smooth surface of the roller shade will not trap dust, so you'll not have to worry about the dust settling and the blinds needing weekly cleanings.

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades aren't seen too often. If you look at the shade from the side, you'll notice that they have a honeycomb shape. High-quality cellular shades have an anti-static finish that prevents dust from settling on them. You can choose from room-darkening or light-filtering designs, so if you like the room blacked-out during the day or just like to cut the sunlight down a bit, you'll have an option suitable for your tastes.

Silhouette Blinds

Silhouette blinds are your final option. These blinds allow you to see outside while they are closed but prevent the sun from beating into your home, and you cannot see in from the outside. They kind of act like a tinted window.

Talk with your local window design and covering expert to learn more about dressing your windows without having an impact on your allergies. Alternatively, you can check out a website like http://www.houseofdraperyutah.com to learn more.


17 May 2018

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