Planting Grass Seed: How To Do It The Right Way

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If you're expecting grass to grow by simply tossing some seed onto the ground and not doing anything else, you couldn't be more wrong. Getting grass to grow is going to take more effort on your part. There are steps you need to take and prep work, as well as work once the seed is planted. Read on for tips to get grass to grow from grass seed the right way. 

Prepare Your Lawn

If you have a bare lawn, you need to rake the ground to give the seed something to adhere to. Without raking through the ground, the seed is going to blow away or simply float away once you try to water it. Rake through the ground; almost like tilling the dirt, but not quite as deep. 

If you have some grass already, but it's patchy, you need to rake through the grass to help de-thatch and to till the dirt as well. De-thatching can help aerate the lawn and also gets rid of dead grass and weeds.

Spread Seed

Once you find the right type of grass seed for your lawn (sun or shade) and have prepared your lawn, you need to spread the seed. Use a seed spreader and set it to the setting according to the manufacturer's instructions. You can use a handheld spreader or one you push. You can also use your hands to spread the seed, but be careful to spread it evenly throughout your yard.

Begin Watering

Begin watering your lawn immediately after spreading the seed. Water it enough so it is soaked, but not puddling. Puddling may cause the seed to float away. Repeat this every day for a week. Once the seed begins to adhere to the ground below, you can back off of watering to every other day. Be sure to soak the yard, but don't over-water it. If the grass looks dry, you aren't watering enough. Water in the morning and the late afternoon if it's getting too dried out in between watering. After your grass begins to grow and fill in, water it only a few times per week and just once per day.

Use Fertilizer

Once your grass is grown in and healthy, use fertilizer to give it hardy and lush feel. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on the fertilizer you use. Don't over-fertilize or you could burn your grass and end up killing your new growth.

Planting grass seed is going to take some work on your part. If you aren't sure what you're doing and aren't able to get your grass to grow, talk to a lawn specialist near you. 


13 December 2018

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