In Awe Of Your RV's Awnings? Care Tips To Lengthen Their Lifespan

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Just as they do for the average home,  the awnings attached to a recreational vehicle provide more enjoyment and comfort for the owner. If awnings are kept in good condition, road warriors should be confident that they will be able to depend on their RV's awnings to last for many years.

Able to protect you from the morning dew while drinking coffee in a quiet campground, provide welcome shade from the heat of midday sun, and shelter you from unexpected rain showers, a retractable awning can add significant value to any vacation or travel experience. But even the highest quality RV awning must be properly maintained, and these basic care tips are a good place to start. 

Keep the awning clean

Because your recreational vehicle is likely used in differing climates and areas, the awning can become soiled with a wide variety of substances including salt, dust, and grime from vehicle exhausts, as well as tree sap and other debris from insects and foliage in parks and campgrounds. If these substances are not regularly washed away, stains, mildew, and mold can form and cause permanent damage to the surface of the awning.

Keeping your awnings clean can be done easily by hosing them off frequently with plain water. Areas that look stained or are very dirty may need deeper cleaning. Your local awning repair service can recommend a safe cleaning product for both vinyl and acrylic recreational vehicle awnings for deeper cleaning needs.

Dry awnings completely between uses

Like many other surfaces, your recreational vehicle awnings can be damaged by extended exposure to moisture. In addition to helping create a favorable environment for the formation of mold, excessive moisture without proper air flow can weaken the fabric itself, as well as the thread or glue used in manufacturing the awning. 

To avoid problems with excessive moisture, recreational vehicle owners should strive to always give their awning plenty of time to dry before rolling it up after exposure to rain or after being cleaned. If travel plans require you to move the vehicle before the awning is completely dry, stopping at the first possible opportunity to unfurl the awning and allow it to dry will help to avoid moisture-related damage. 

Wind, rain, exposure to the elements, and age can all cause rips, tears, stains, and areas of deterioration in the fabric of your recreational vehicle's awning. Inspecting your awning frequently and having it repaired promptly by a reputable awning repair service like Lockhart Gene & Son Canvas Awnings will help ensure that it will continue to provide your family with comfort and shelter for many years of open road adventures. 


11 March 2019

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