3 Granite Trends To Consider For Your Kitchen

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New countertops for your kitchen can be a great investment. Not only will they serve an essential purpose, but the right countertop material can add value and appeal to your space. Granite, for instance, is an excellent option. Fortunately, there are many unique options to consider when choosing granite. Here are a few granite trends that may work well for your kitchen countertops.


When most people think of or visualize granite, they think of neutral colors that add a natural appeal to the space. However, more and more people are opting for granite in different colors, which can be a great way to add personality to your kitchen.

It is important to note that granite is a natural stone material, meaning there will not be a large variety of color options. Thankfully, you can find granite pieces with different earthy colors and hues, such as reds, browns, greens, blues, and even blacks or greys.

Before deciding on a specific granite color, order samples. Bring these samples to your home and place them in and around the kitchen to see how the granite color looks at various times of the day.


Granite is a natural stone, so patterns will vary from piece to piece, but you may enjoy using a variety of patterns through the kitchen.

For example, consider choosing a couple of different patterns, which may range from the traditional stone look to a more formal marble pattern of granite. Both pieces of granite should be of the same color palate. Install one pattern on the main section of your countertops, and the other pattern can be used to create the surface of your island.

By combining the patterns but keeping the color tones, you can add texture and variety to your kitchen.


Traditionally, a rounded edge is chosen when cutting and installing granite countertops for the kitchen. While suitable and comfortable, the rounded edge can lack a bit of personality.

If you prefer a more luxurious look and want to add intricate details to your kitchen, opt for a granite edge with scrollwork and carvings. Many granite countertop manufacturers allow you to create custom edges that suit your personality and the overall style of your kitchen, making the countertops a truly unique addition to your home.

Granite does not have to be ordinary. This guide will help you select unique and trendy granite counters for your kitchen update.


11 September 2019

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