Creatures That Can Get Into Your Swimming Pool

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Many homeowners with swimming pools have a pool screen enclosure installed for several reasons, including keeping animals out of the pool. However, the pool enclosure is only as effective as its screen. If the screen develops holes, tears, or other issues, it ceases to be effective against creatures trying to make their way to the artificial lake in your backyard.

Below are some of the animals that want to get to your swimming pool if they can find a weakness in your pool screen enclosure.


Frogs are amphibians, so they naturally love water. They're not big fans of chlorinated water. Unfortunately, they may not realize swimming pool water is chlorinated until they've already jumped in. The construction of most swimming pools doesn't allow them to climb back out, so they drown once they're inside. They're small, so they can sometimes push their way through small holes in a screen.


Snakes are similar to frogs in that they love natural water and dislike chlorinated water. Likewise, they'll slither into the water and can even skim across the top. They can work their way into pool filters and other crevices. Unfortunately, those places are usually where they die because they can't get back out. Some snakes can exploit even smaller screen holes than frogs.


Birds love birdbaths, and your swimming pool looks like a giant birdbath to them. Ducks and geese are especially drawn to swimming pools, where they'll happily make their home away from home. Naturally, they'll defecate into your pool, which is very unsanitary. Luckily, if the top of your pool screen enclosure is intact, it will do a good job of keeping them out.


Raccoons love to use swimming pools as a bath. They're not strong swimmers, though, so they drown in the water. According to the CDC, a dead raccoon or their feces can have the eggs of a worm called Baylisascaris procyonis, which can infect humans and cause a neurologic illness. Raccoons are strong, so they can take a small screen hole and make it bigger to get to your pool.


Mice and rats are similar to raccoons in that they are drawn to the swimming pool for water and bathing. Their feces and urine carry mold spores and bacteria that are harmful to humans. Those spores and bacteria can also release from a dead body, thus infecting the whole swimming pool. Rodents can contort their bodies to squeeze through the tiniest of holes in your pool screen.

Have your pool screen enclosure repaired to keep the above animals out of your swimming pool.

To learn more, contact a pool screen enclosure repair company.


5 June 2020

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