Buying An Older Home? 2 Tips To Replace The Windows

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If you are buying an older home, there are things you likely need to have repaired or replaced. One of these things is the windows. Old windows are drafty and may be hard to open and close. Drafty windows equal a higher electric bill each month, which can result in you wasting a lot of money. Before this happens, below is information about different types of window frames and window styles.

Types of Window Frames

There are many different types of window frames that you can choose from. One is wood windows, which are beautiful and will add to your home's curb appeal. Wood windows are expensive, however. You also have to stain and paint the wood periodically. Wood will rot if it gets wet a lot unless the windows are maintained well. Wood windows are also energy efficient.

A common type of window frame that you will see in many homes is vinyl windows. Vinyl is a durable material, and these windows hold up well to the elements. They are also energy efficient and will not rot if there is a lot of moisture from heavy rains. One big benefit to vinyl windows is that they are less expensive than many other types of windows.

Aluminum window frames last long and are durable. These frames look great in modern homes and are low in maintenance. If you paint the aluminum windows, however, they will have to be repainted every few years. These windows will not rot if you get a lot of rain.

Types of Window Styles

There are also many different styles when it comes to windows. Double-hung windows are one type you can choose. These windows have two sashes, which allows you to slide the windows up and down. You can open the windows from the bottom or the top and they stay inside the window frame. 

There are also single hung windows that only allow you to open the bottom of the window and the top part stays stationary. Single-hung windows can be used in any room in the home and they are less expensive when compared to double-hung ones.

Casement windows are another style, which you open by turning a crank. You have the choice of hinging these windows on the right or the left. When you turn the crank, the windows open outward.

Talk with a window replacement company to learn more about the windows above and more. They can provide additional information regarding window replacement.


21 December 2020

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