Three Reasons To Consider A Rubber Mulch Walkway

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When you think about common materials for residential front walkways, you probably think of bricks, concrete, and even asphalt. While each of these materials offers its own set of advantages, there are other materials that can also work well. Many homeowners favor rubber mulch walkways. While this material is popular as a ground covering around trees, along fences, and even under play structures, it can also work well as a walkway material. If you're building a new home or you're planning to redo your home's walkway, here are some reasons to consider using rubber mulch.

It Won't Crack

Cracks on the surface of a walkway are frustrating for homeowners. When you have an asphalt or concrete walkway that develops cracks over the years, you often have an expensive repair bill to rectify the issue. If you don't deal with the cracks promptly, they'll quickly worsen — often to the point that weeds and other vegetation begin to grow up through the cracks. Rubber mulch is a favorable walkway material because it won't develop cracks. As the ground shifts as a result of freezing and thawing, your mulch walkway will not sustain damage.

It's Easy To Maintain

A rubber mulch walkway is also easy to maintain. Over time, you may notice that the surface has lost some pieces of mulch. This could occur during the winter months, as you may have accidentally shoveled some of the mulch away while clearing the snow. Dealing with this issue is simple, as you just need to buy a few bags of replacement mulch and add the product wherever there's a need. For a walkway made of bricks, sunken areas would require you to remove many of the bricks, add compacted stone dust, and then replace the bricks.

It Can Match Your Yard

You may also like the idea of a rubber mulch walkway because it can match other elements in your yard. A concrete walkway doesn't typically match anything around it because many people don't have other uses of concrete on their properties. With mulch, you may have it in several other areas. For example, you might favor using rubber mulch as a material in flower gardens and at the base of trees in your front yard. If you move forward with the idea of a rubber mulch walkway, you can choose a similar color of mulch to what is already in your yard to produce a professional, unified look.


14 September 2021

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