Game On: Furnishing A Game Room For Your Home

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Adding a game room to your home provides plenty of space for your family and friends to gather for fun competitions. Whether you convert space in your basement or you transform a spare bedroom into a mini gamer's paradise, here are some home furniture ideas you can use to create a cozy yet functional space. 

Gaming Recliners

Gaming recliners combine all the comfort you expect from a traditional recliner chair with some unique tech features. USB ports let you plug in wireless gaming controllers to keep you playing even when batteries run low, and built-in speakers surround you in immersive sound as you play. Look for designs with side pockets to hold remote controls and gaming accessories so everything you need is always within arm's reach. Other gaming recliner features to consider include built-in massagers, cup holders, and multiple recline positions. 

Convertible Pool Table

If you want your game room to feature traditional games in addition to arcade-style fun, consider a convertible pool table. A design that converts into a traditional dining table maximizes your available space so that you can entertain guests for dinner parties or game nights. You can also find pool tables that convert into table tennis setups for even more ways to play. You'll want to ensure you have enough space in the room to accommodate the table, as cramped areas might make it more difficult to position pool cues perfectly. 

Board Game Tables

You can complete a cozy seating area in your game room with board game tables. These pieces of home furniture may feature boards for classic games, such as checkers and chess or backgammon, while others are designed for playing iconic brand-name board games. Place a larger table in front of a sofa or love seat to double as a coffee table, or choose a few different end table designs to create mini gaming stations throughout the seating area. The tables you choose should feature shelves or hidden storage to keep game pieces neatly tucked away when not in use. 

Home Theater Sofa

A home theater sofa doesn't have to sit in front of a large TV or projector screen to be functional in your home. Consider adding one of these couches to your seating area to keep your family comfortable during game nights. The cozy setup is perfect for marathon challenges of charades, and the plush design also keeps you comfortable whenever you're ready to take on mobile or handheld console gaming. Just as with your gaming recliner, your home theater sofa should include USB ports, cup holders, and storage to provide you with access to everything needed as you take on the competition. 


9 December 2021

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