Tips For An Attractive And Well-Maintained Lawn

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The task to keep your lawn in good health is a process that starts in early spring and does not end until the first snow begins to fall. However, during the growing season, it is essential to use the right practices with a lawn care professional or with your own care. Here are some recommendations to help you take the best care of your lawn for an attractively-landscaped yard.

Pay Attention to Weeds

Weeds in your lawn are going to occur, depending on the number of weed seeds blowing in the wind or drifting from neighboring yards. Despite your best efforts, weeds are going to continually take root in your lawn, but the key is to keep them at bay with regular weed prevention and control strategies. 

Applying a pre-emergent herbicide in the early spring is a good way to get a head start on weed control. Then, as weeds pop up, especially dandelions in late spring, you can use spot removal control, such as digging the entire root from the soil or popping off each of the buds before they can go to seed and spread more weeds. Be sure to use a safe herbicide to kill off the remaining weed and its root to prevent it from growing larger. Even if a weed is not actively dispersing seeds, it is still going to steal moisture and nutrients intended for your lawn.

Reseed When Necessary

Occasionally your lawn is going to form some bare patches either from disease, heat stress, or yard maintenance. When you have a bare patch of lawn in your yard, it is important to reseed the area. This helps to keep your lawn looking nice but also will help control the spread of weeds. A bare patch of soil in your lawn is an open invitation for weed seeds to take root because of the source of water that the soil will receive with your lawn's regular irrigation. 

Make sure you reseed patches that are bare, which is more successfully completed in the spring and in the fall when temperatures are cooler. The cooler temperatures will help promote moisture retention in the soil and help the seeds germinate and sprout. Loosen the soil on the bare spot and sprinkle down a layer of grass seed that is appropriate for your region. Look for cool-season grasses in northern climates and warm-season grasses for dry and arid climates. Then, water to keep the area moist until the seeds germinate, then continue to water regularly as they grow in more thickly.

Speak to a landscaper to learn more about lawn treatments appropriate for your area.


11 May 2022

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