5 Reasons For Glass Shower Door Leaks

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A leaking glass shower door or surround can lead to a messy bathroom and potential water damage. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent leaks as well as to repair those leaks that are already a problem.

1. Failed Gaskets

Most glass shower surrounds have a couple of different types of gaskets. Rubber or silicone gaskets are used between glass or frame panels, as well as around the door, in order to prevent leaks. There is also a gasket along the bottom of the door, called the door sweep, which prevents water from leaking out the door gap. Over time these gaskets can become worn or warped, but a replacement will solve any leak issues. 

2. Frame Gaps

Gaps around the frame are a common issue. On frameless showers, the gaps are most often between glass panels and a simple translucent gasket inserted between the panels solves the problem. On framed shower surrounds, the leaks most commonly occur where the shower frame meets the wall or shower pan. For these, caulking the gap or replacing old cracked caulk with new are the simplest solutions. 

3. Hard Water Deposits

Minerals in the water can lead to unsightly water spots on glass doors. Worse, this mineralization can also build up on the leak preventing seals and gaskets around the shower doors or frameless glass panels. The deposits prevent the gaskets from sealing properly, and water can leak out around the hard water deposits. Minor deposit buildup can be cleaned off the gaskets and seals with a limescale removing product or white vinegar. Extreme buildup may mean it is time to replace the gaskets. 

4. Latch Failure

A glass door that doesn't latch properly is going to be more prone to leaks. When closed, the shower door should not swing open unless firm pressure is applied to open it. Fortunately, latch failures are typically easy to fix. All you need to do is replace the part of the mechanism that is failing to remain properly latched. 

5. Alignment Issues

A glass shower surround must be aligned properly with the shower pan so that the inward slope of the pan is lined up with the door. Otherwise, water can pool on the shower pan ledge and then leak out along the surrounding bottom. If the surround is misaligned, your repair contractor will need to reposition the surround and replace the seals.

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19 July 2022

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