Staying Safe When Using A Gas Or Propane Patio Heater

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If you enjoy spending time on your outdoor patio area, and you wish to continue activities there when the temperature is not warm, you may have considered investing in an outdoor patio heater. Most people purchase heaters that use gas or propane as their source of energy as it is cost-effective and allows for portability. Here are safety tips to utilize so your heater provides you with the comfort you desire without causing injury to people or pets or damage to personal belongings. 

Know How To Use Your Heater Properly

An outdoor propane patio heater will come with instructions for its use. It is extremely important that you take the time to familiarize yourself with your patio heater before you use it. This will aid in keeping any mishaps at bay. Well-made patio heaters come equipped with an automatic shutoff mechanism in case of tipping. This greatly helps in keeping the potential for the spread of fire at bay. The heaters are also manufactured with a button you push in case of an emergency which will shut off the unit immediately.

Take Care With The Gas Or Propane Tank

A gas or propane patio heater requires a tank that is intact and completely free of rust. These tanks can be removed and filled at a local dispensary, or you can have them topped off by your energy provider at your request. Make sure that the tank you are using is not dented and has no punctures. If the tank does not look like it is in proper condition, do not use it, but instead purchase a new one to use inside of your unit. 

Know Where You Place Your Patio Heater

Like all fire sources, you need to be smart about the items you put within proximity of your patio heater. Outdoor patio heaters should never be used inside an enclosed structure. If you have an overhang area upon your patio, read up on the recommended specifications inside your heater's instruction manual to ensure it is not too close to the unit. If you are unsure, place the unit in an open-air area. Gas or propane patio heaters have a base area that needs to be filled with water or sand to keep it from tipping. Make sure the heater is also placed on a level surface to keep the potential for tipping at a minimum. Keep foliage and lawn furniture several feet away from the heater to minimize the risk of fire as well.


12 September 2022

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