Landscape Protection Requires Proper Gutter Sizing

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Maintaining a house's curb appeal involves more than maintaining the home's structure; keeping the surrounding landscaping intact is also important. To maintain a beautiful landscaping design, some homeowners will invest in seamless rain gutters. However, did you know that all gutters are not the same? Only a gutter system that is sized properly can help keep landscaping safe. Learn more about the fitting process. 

Average Rainfall

The sizing process should almost always begin with a review of the local climate. In short, the average rainfall will determine how large the gutters need to be. Gutters are essentially channels that move water off the roof and away from your home. 

In an environment with extensive rainfall, gutters would need to be larger in order to accommodate the extra rain. If the gutters are too small, they would be unable to accommodate the amount of rainfall, which could result in considerable runoff into your landscaped areas. If you live in a climate with excess rain, plan to size up from the standard gutter option.

Roof Pitch and Size

An assessment of the roof's pitch and size are also important factors. In terms of size, the importance of this issue is likened to the average rainfall total. The larger the roof, the more water will be collected inside the gutters; therefore, more space in the gutter is necessary to accommodate the rainfall. 

Roof pitch is essentially a reference to the height of the roof. The higher the peaks of the roof, the greater its pitch. However, the increased pitch also means that rainwater will roll down into gutters faster. If the gutters are too small, this fast-moving water can destroy flowerbeds and other growths rather quickly. 


Downspouts are an important part of a gutter system because they transport the water collected by the gutters away from the home structure. As a general rule, the more downspouts you have, the faster the rainwater can be hauled away, so you might be able to get by with a smaller gutter size.

In addition to every corner of the home, it is best to install downspouts every couple of feet to maximize coverage. So, if you decide you want fewer downspouts than the total recommended, be prepared to install a larger gutter size as a result. 

Again, the benefits of a gutter system are all dependent on the gutters being sized correctly. Partner with an installation company to learn more about sizing options. 

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3 April 2023

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